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Partnering with D&L Sitework of Conway, South Carolina, we have become involved with projects from the Santee Cooper Lakes to the shores of Wilmington, NC. Diamond Shores assists with jobs ranging from multi-phase communities to large lot rural homes. Listed below are some of our completed and ongoing projects. 

Harvest Ridge - Conway, SC

DR Horton Community

Cates Bay Hwy

Woodland Farms - Aynor, SC

DR Horton Community

Highway 501 & Horry Road

Rolling Hills - Aynor, SC

DR Horton Community

Highway 501

Aynor Golf Course

Jordanville  - Aynor, SC

DR Horton Community

Jordanville Road

Heritage Crossing - Aynor/Conway, SC

DR Horton Community

Brown Swamp Road, Busy Corner Road

Kingston Bay - Conway, SC

DR Horton Community

Cultra Road and Oak Street

Hardwick Tract - Aynor/Conway, SC

Residential Lots

Hardwick Road, Still Pond Road,

and Alford Road

Dew Bay - Conway, SC

Residential Homes

Cates Bay Hwy

Alston Street - Conway, SC

Residential Lots

Alston Street

Allsbrook Farm - Loris, SC

Residential Lots

West Hwy 19

Highway 378 Airport - Conway, SC

Commercial Tract

Highway 378


Our Engineers design various residential and commercial projects. During the site design process, we explore the challenges of your project and develop solutions to allow the project to progress. Our experience covers numerous job sizes from large public projects to small personal projects. A partial list of representative projects includes the following

Haven View - 

Residential Lots

McDowell Shortcut Rd

Hemmingway Chapel -

Residential Lots

Conway’s Conservation Subdivision Program

Shelly Park South -

Residential Lots

Bucksville Rd.

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