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Hemingway Chapel

Hemingway Chapel will consist of 75 single-family lots that are just over 6,000 square feet. This project will feature sidewalks throughout the community as well as a mail kiosk. This is a unique project since it is utilizing the City of Conway’s Conservation Subdivision program which allows for smaller lots and setbacks as to what the original zoning allows. However, the Conservation Subdivision plan requires the developer to reserve a 100’ undisturbed buffer from any r/w and a 75’ buffer from any adjacent parcel. They also require us to show a 30’ wetland buffer to help protect them. By meeting all these requirements, the provided open space is significantly higher than what would be provided with the current zoning plan.


  • 75 Lots

  • Sidewalks

  • Mail Kiosk

  • Part of City of Conway’s Conservation Subdivision program

  • Three Ponds

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